Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) 


Stepping Stones Behavioural Consultants understands the importance and necessity of working in conjunction with a qualified Speech and Language Therapist. Speech and language therapists are trained to assess, make a diagnosis and provide advice and therapy if needed. If your child has a delay or difficulty in the development of their speech sounds, their words or sentences, their understanding of language, their fluency or their social communication skills we can help. Developing communication and supporting speech production and language comprehension is an integral part of all of our programmes. We use fun and motivating activities and resources to assist children in changing or acquiring new communication skills. 



Speech and Language development can be effected for lots of reasons including; hearing impairments, bilingual environments, errors in processing, or delayed cognitive development, stammers, general learning difficulties, auditory memory difficulties and many more. Initial assessments can help identify route causes and problem areas and provide foundations for structured programmes and support. 


Please contact us for further information or advise regarding therapy and assessments.