Our Services

Stepping Stones Behavioural Consultants have experience working with children, adolescents and young adults at early and advanced stages of their development. We also provide advice and support regarding higher level education and independent living. We believe that integration and a multi-disciplinary programme is essential in ensuring our clients reach their full potential. Stepping Stones Behavioural Consultants are able to provide and refer clients for formal assessments conducted by ABA Case Managers, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Occupational Therapists - for further information click here. We also practice alongside other professionals that may be able to assist with your child’s development. Furthermore, our organisation work in and alongside Special Need and Mainstream Education settings and in conjunction with Local Education Authorities and Charity funding organisations. 

The following is a presentation from one of our case managers, Noelle Hartnett, discussing the importance of ABA practitioners working with other professionals. 

Techniques & Strategies

Stepping Stones founder Nicola Easton demonstrates and discusses ABA principals and strategies with Polly Tommey from the Autism Media Channel. 

Learning Can Be Fun

Our intensive ABA programmes provide the leaner with opportunities, which are specifically planned or naturally occurring, to facilitate the continual practice of newly acquired skills, in both structured and unstructured environments. There is an emphasis on making learning fun while focusing on providing reinforcement for useful skills, socially appropriate behaviours, and positive social interactions. Therapists use a variety of teaching strategies to motivate, create interest and develop a range of skills amongst learners.

Many decades of research have validated treatments based on ABA. Stepping Stones data collection and behaviour management strategies are based on the highly researched history of ABA. As a company we ensure all our methods are up to date and incorporate a range of strategies that work in line with the most recent research and therapy practices.


Our programmes utilise a combination of the different applications of ABA and resources in order to maximize a child’s ability and desire to learn. Some of these include: Verbal Behaviour (VB), Natural Environment Training (NET), Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Direct Instruction (DI), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), Functional Communication Training (FCT), Social Stories/Maps, Video Modeling and Augmentative Communication Devices. We utilise several different instructional methods, ranging from adult-directed to learner-initiated, in order to promote learning in a variety of ways.