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How It Works

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Step 1. Contact us

It all starts with you making contact with us! 


Email, call or fill in our enquiries form to arrange an initial consultation and assessment.

Step 2. Initial Consultation

Meet with your designated consultant. An intake process will be completed to source relevant information. This would include any professional reports that may be helpful to provide a clear understanding of your child’s/young persons needs.

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Step 3. Assessments

Any necessary formal assessments will be completed. We will then arrange observations in the educational setting and meetings if required. 

Step 4. Personalised Plan

An individual personalised plan is created and shared with you and any other professionals involved.

Step 5. Treatment and Intervention

The personalised plan will be implemented and reviewed on a schedule suitable to the child's/young person's needs. This will be according to the families preferences and financial affordability. Sessions can be completed in your home, in the educational setting or online.

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Stepping Stones Behavioural Consultants pride themselves on not only helping children to reach their true potential but to give them every opportunity to thrive

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